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How to register for courses
Begin by checking the schedule of courses currently offered here…and read more about those that interest you here.  Now download a registration form here…and print a copy, fill it out, and bring or mail to the address near the top of the form.


Spring Registration is Open!

The class schedules, course descriptions, and registration forms for the upcoming Spring 2017 term are now available – just click the buttons at the top.  (All this will also be available in the February 2017 Newsletter, which will be printed on Feb. 13.  But you can see it all here now!)

The Spring registration period closes at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, March 6. To have the best chance of being enrolled in any oversubscribed courses, be sure to register by that time. (Late registrations will be gladly accepted, but only if open spaces remain.)

Processing of all registrations received by that time will begin on the evening of March 6, when random selections for oversubscribed courses will be made.



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