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How to register for courses
Begin by checking the schedule of courses currently offered here…and read more about those that interest you here. Now download a registration form here…and print a copy, fill it out, and bring or mail to the address near the top of the form.


Winter Registration is Open!

The class schedules, course descriptions, and registration forms for the upcoming Winter 2018 term are now available – just click the buttons at the top. Do the same to see the November 2017 Newsletter.

The Winter registration period closes at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 11. To have the best chance of being enrolled in any oversubscribed courses, be sure to register by that time.  Processing of all registrations received by that time will begin in the evening of that day, when random selections for oversubscribed courses will be made.  (Late registrations will be gladly accepted, but only if open spaces remain.)



Know someone who’d be a good
Registration & Finance Director?

     Our present Operations and Finance Directors, Dale and Kathy Sommers, will be stepping down at the end of this academic year.  Because of the considerable overlap in their duties, and the efficiencies they have created, the Elder Collegium Board has agreed with their recommendation that they be replaced by a single new Registration & Finance Director.

     So we’re now beginning a search for such a person.  This would be a part-time paid staff position suitable for someone with some accounting/bookkeeping background, computer skills, and administrative abilities. This person would operate independently at home, following procedures currently in place, with self-scheduled hours constrained mainly by our calendar and certain externally imposed deadlines. We imagine that he or she might be a retired college administrative assistant, a stay-at-home parent with free time while children are at school, or anyone else with the requisite background and time on their hands; a previous connection with the Elder Collegium, though useful, is not necessary.

     If you know someone who might be a good fit for the job (or you might be yourself), please send their name to Dale Talley, Chair of the Search Committee (  For a fuller job description, click here.


Are you good with tech?  We’re looking for a few volunteers.

Each term there are a few instructors who need an introduction to our audio visual equipment at Village on the Cannon and the Senior Center. We would like to train a few of our members to be able to show instructors how to use the equipment.  With several volunteers, it wouldn’t be much of a burden on any one person, and one person’s absence would not create a problem.  For people who are comfortable with consumer electronics like DVD players, projectors, laptops and TVs, it is not very complicated.  If serious problems arise, we turn to professionals.
     A couple of people have already expressed interest, but we would like enough volunteers so that nobody has a lot to do.  If you are interested, or want to know more, please contact Dale Sommers ( or 507-645-8673).


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