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Spring 2016 courses are online

The class schedules, course descriptions, and registration forms for the upcoming Spring 2015 term are now available – just click the buttons at the top.  Do the same to see the February 2016 Newsletter.

Notice that the Newsletter available here is the same as the printed and mailed version, except that it’s in color here!  And it appears several days in advance of the printed version that will be mailed on February 8 and often takes a week or more to reach members who haven’t yet opted out.  If you decide that there’s not much point in getting the printed Newsletter after you’ve already seen it here, you can opt out of future mailings (and save CVEC about $1 for each mailed copy) by emailing our publicity chair Ed Lufkin (


One class opening postponed due to snow

The opening class of the Tuesday section of “C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, and The Inklings” (a 4-week course offered in Faribault) was postponed due to snow until Feb. 9.  Two places remain open in this section.  For more information, click the “Course Descriptions” button above.  To register, contact Dale Sommers at or 507-645-8673.





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