Memories of Spring Term at CVEC

We thank Scott Forsgren for these nice photos of the class he took with Loren Soth, a class on French Impressionism.     This particular class featured a field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.      Ed

13th Annual CVEC Membership Meeting, May 2

Jon Rondesvedt, board president, presided over the 13th Annual CVEC Membership Meeting, held this year at St. John’s Lutheran Church on Sunday, May 2, at 2:00 PM.     Certain features of this meeting were familiar:   a nice turnout of over 100 members and guests and officers and board members of CVEC;    lovely table settings and delicious pie and coffee and ice cream;   pleasant conversation with the “extended family” of the Collegium;   a very efficient business meeting;    and presentations by faculty members for our fall courses.

The photos above show, on the left, two retiring board members being thanked for their service by president Jon.    They are Myron Solid, to the left, who was curriculum director;    and Lowell Johnson, who was active on the publicity committee.

The next photo shows the honoring of three instructors who have taught five or more classes.     They are, L to R, Dick Bodman, Riki Koble Nelson, and Ruth Hanson.   (not present is Marie Gery.)

The next photo shows Bill Carlson receiving a gift and the warm thanks of president Jon on the occasion of Bill’s retirement as Executive Director of the Collegium, a post he held with distinction for the past 6 years.     These years saw continued growth in the membership and scope of the Collegium   (scroll down to see previous posts about this)   and Bill will be greatly missed.    Replacing Bill in this position will be Ed Lufkin.

On the far right we have  the keynote speaker, Kyle Nordine, presenting his topic, The Coming Tsunami of Senior Services. Here are some notes, thanks to Jane McWilliams, from his presentation:

“Nordine  displayed charts illustrating the huge demographic changes in the coming years.  For example, in Minnesota, in 2000 there were 95,000 people over 85, and it is projected that by 2050, there will be 185,000. By 2020, there will be more people over 65 than school age. When family care for the aged decreases, expectations for public support goes up, and yet, there is no mention of long term care in either Minnesota political convention this month. He noted that many of us spend more time planning for vacation than for our retirement!

Clearly, Nordine’s message is that  as a society, we need to start now to prepare for the inevitable Tsunami.”

Registration for the fall courses will begin on Monday, Aug. 16, and all indications are that this will continue our fine tradition of interesting new topics with outstanding instructors.            Ed