Profs. Berkeley and Weiner to Address Senior Center, CVEC, and Library Membership

A Course on Well-Being

Students once again are offered a course on well-being in retirement, this time offered by Bruce Roberts.    Bruce is an authority in the area of positive psychology, and is retired from the psychology dept. at St. Olaf.    In this course he concentrates on a subject of particular interest during his career, namely how churches can enhance the feelings of well-being among their membership.      In this photo he shares a light moment with Jean Haslett.         Ed

A Bold New Feature Begins at the Elder Collegium

Members of Hartley Clark’s course,  The Arab Revolt Against Misrule, were treated to a number of new ideas as the current academic year began for us.

The first is that his course is being presented in the Weitz Center for Creativity,  the extensively remodeled former Northfield Middle School, now owned and managed by Carleton College.    We feel very fortunate to be offered space here, since almost every square inch of the classroom space in this building is already being occupied,  in its first week of operation,  by undergraduate classes.    The director of the Weitz Center,  Steve Richardson, is making good on the college’s vision that activities of the center be shared by the community,   and for this we are most grateful.   Here, then,  is a photo of Hartley Clark meeting his new class in room 8,  the seminar room for the art museum.

Notice the comfortable, moveable chairs, the bright lighting, and the easily adjustable conference tables.


Another nice feature of this state-of-the-art facility is the easily operated projection system.   In this photo Hartley has shown us how simple it is to go online, connect to,  inspect the new technology of e.books using Kindle,  and to browse through their library as though you were in Border’s  (peace to their ashes!)

These electronic tools make it possible to bring current events into the classroom as effectively as though the student were in her comfortable TV room at home.    Here are two images taken from a video of the uprising in Tunisia last winter, after the humble fruit vendor,   Mohamed Bouazizi, carried out his self-immolation on Dec. 17.     This led to an unprecedented outbreak by primarily the youth of the country, fueled by Facebook,  and eventually the fall of the dictator,  Ben Ali.









The Arab world will never be the same again;     and as Prof. Clark has demonstrated,  our teaching tools at CVEC are in for some changes also.       Ed