Weitz Center Calendar

Upcoming public events at Carleton’s Weitz Center

(Note: times and venues are subject to change.  Carleton recommends verifying before you attend: http://apps.carleton.edu/calendar/ .)


Films (Weitz Cinema)

Sat., Apr. 28            7:00            Film Society: Stray Dog (Japan, 1949)

Film noir by Akira Kurosawa.  “Murukami, a young homicide detective, has his pocket picked on a bus and loses his pistol. Frantic and ashamed, he dashes about trying to recover the weapon without success until taken under the wing of an older and wiser detective, Sato. Together they track the culprit.”  (imdb.com)

Wed., May 2            7:00            Classic Film Comedy: The Lady Eve (1941)

A wealthy heir (Henry Fonda) falls (literally) for a con woman (Barbara Stanwyck) with a shady past.  Preston Sturges, director.