The Northfield Summer Film Festival

As you might suspect from this photo of the crowd,   the last movie in our series,   Local Hero,   was a popular one.     Once again we express our appreciation to all who worked to make this film festival possible:    the administration and publicity people of  the Carleton Weitz Center,  the members of the Elder Collegium committee,  and especially the film buffs of Northfield.


We wish all moviegoers a pleasant last month of summer,  and we hope to see many of you in classes of the Collegium this fall, of which full details can be seen below.     Ed

Our July Newsletter, 2012

Here you can see the complete schedule of fall courses, beginning Sept. 10, together with course descriptions, photos of the teachers,  and a printable registration blank.    You’ll be impressed by the number of new faculty, as well as some of your previous favorites, with a total of 13 classes in all.    Registration begins on Aug. 13.    Click on this link to open the newsletter. July Newsletter, 2012