Do You Like Physics?


If you do,  then we’re sure you’d like our current class in particle physics, being taught at the Senior Center by Rich Noer, an emeritus physics teacher at Carleton.    The photos below show him in action, discussing a slide (1).    Then he explained how one can study the structure of atoms by analyzing their spectral lines, which display the frequencies of light emitted by heated elements.   We see a glowing mercury vapor lamp (2).   Then students are shown viewing, through a prism, the light given off by that mercury vapor .   (3) They see a rainbow pattern from stray room lights,  also a pattern of vertical colors at the bottom right (4).    These vertical colors are different for each known element,  and enable scientists to know what makes up our sun and stars.

We’ll finally discuss the Higgs boson, now receiving a great deal of attention.     Ed