About Us

DSC_2006Northfield, Minnesota. is a small community rich in educational resources with two nationally-ranked liberal arts colleges — Carleton and St. Olaf — and outstanding K-12 schools and community education programs. The city also is home for an increasing number of retirees who are attracted by the wide range of cultural opportunities available in a small town setting. In the spirit of “life-long learning,” the Cannon Valley Elder Collegium (CVEC) provides high quality academic experiences in the liberal arts for students over age fifty (retired or not). The faculty members of the Collegium, predominantly retirees themselves, include emeriti faculty from the colleges and retired public school teachers.

CVEC is a community service organization,  focused on life-long learning and providing non-credit college level liberal arts programming for senior citizens.  CVEC is completing its sixteenth year of service to the community.

Shown in the photo is our newest innovation, a summer film festival.  Four movies are shown at the Weitz Center in July, at no charge.  A class is held the day following each movie where a Collegium faculty member leads a discussion.