Staff Job Descriptions

Job Description for CVEC Executive Director (Aug. 2012)

The Executive Director of the Cannon Valley Elder Collegium (CVEC) reports to the Board and is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. More specifically, the Executive Director has the following duties:

Program development and administration

1. Provide leadership within the Board and management staff in discussions of program development, organizational details, and financial matters and then carry out plans and policies authorized by the Board.

2. Promote broad participation by volunteers in all areas of CVEC’s work.

3. Maintain official records and documents, and ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

4. Ensure that the CVEC has a Board-approved long-range strategy which is consistent with its mission and toward which the Board makes steady and timely progress.

5. Keep informed of and knowledgeable about significant developments and trends in lifelong learning throughout Minnesota and beyond, sharing these ideas with both the Board and CVEC membership.


1. See that the Board is kept fully informed about the well-being of the organization and all relevant factors that affect it.

2. Work with the Publicity Committee to publicize the activities of the organization, its programs and goals.

3. Establish sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with community groups and organizations.

4. Represent the programs and points of view of CVEC to agencies, organizations, and the general public.

Relations with management staff

1. Recruit, maintain and supervise an effective staff management team.  If changes become necessary, seek approval from the Board.

2. Ensure that job descriptions are developed, upgraded as necessary, and that regular performance evaluations are held.

3. Practice interpersonal skills that promote a healthy working relationship with the Board, the management staff, and CVEC membership.

Budget and finance

1. Ensure that CVEC develops appropriate fiscal policies and maintains sound financial practices.

2. Work with the management staff and the Finance Committee to present an annual budget to the Board for its approval.

3. Provide leadership in fund-raising to ensure that adequate funds are available.

4. Acknowledge gifts and contributions in a timely manner.


1. Work with Curriculum Director and Curriculum Committee to identify faculty and the courses to be offered each term.

2. When necessary, assist in procuring space and establishing schedules for classes.



Job Description for Operations Director (9/4/12)

A. Registration

• Update data base: members, faculty and board members

• Communicate with professors regarding classes and technology requirements

• Collect class registrations and money from Senior Center

• Record registration information in database

• Keep registration notebook listings current at the Senior Center

• Keep professors informed of numbers as new students register.

• Prepare and mail postcard to each student confirming class registration

• Prepare class lists for instructors

• Respond to innumerable phone calls and e-mails regarding registration

• Before the first day of class give each professor copies of class list to distribute to students;

• Deliver class lists to person in charge at classroom sites.

• Prepare registration summary reports for each session and for year.

• Prepare evaluation forms, and have a student volunteer distribute them to each class and collect them at the last class meeting.

• Scan evaluation forms for operational information and turn them over to the Curriculum Committee for evaluation.

B. Attend Board Meetings and meet periodically with other directors

C. Other

• Work with board and directors as needed

• Record list of professors, years and courses taught.

• Update and distribute to board copies of CVEC policy as changes are made.

• Update and distribute to board members list of board members and committee members.

• Prepare ring binders for new board members

• Update the web page as needed.



Job Description for Curriculum Director

The Curriculum Director has responsibility for developing the course curriculum based on recommendations from the Curriculum Committee, the CVEC Board, faculty and members.  The Curriculum Director will work closely with these groups to select an appropriate mixture of courses for each of the three terms.  The Curriculum Director will work with the Executive Director and the Operations Director to provide for the effective operation of the CVEC curriculum.

Specific duties include:

  1. Identify course possibilities and recruit faculty.
  2. Convene the curriculum committee.
  3. Develop and implement curriculum and course recommendations that are endorsed by the CVEC Board and the Curriculum Committee.
  4. Work with faculty to develop course descriptions and course organization.
  5. Prepare and maintain guidelines for courses.
  6. Work with the Executive Director to prepare the Course Brochure and class schedule for publication and distribution.
  7. Provide backup for the Operations Director on the course registration and enrollment process.

 The following CVEC by-laws and policies are pertinent to the job:

Prospective faculty will present a current resume and course proposal to the Curriculum Director. The Curriculum Committee reviews applications and presents its recommendations to the Board for approval.

Active faculty members will present course proposals and descriptions to the Curriculum Director. The description specifies course format (seminar, informal lecture, lecture and discussion, etc.), text(s), cost, and amount of reading involved. Costs should be reasonable for students.

Instructors in CVEC courses who wish to invite guest speakers should discuss their plans with the Curriculum Director. Honoraria will normally be no more than $75 per speaker, and should not exceed $150 per course, except with the approval of the Curriculum Director. 

Total payments for speakers during an academic year may not exceed $1000 unless approved by the board.