Fall 2018 registrations are now being accepted on a space-available basis until the beginning of the 2nd class meeting

Fall 2018 Course Enrollment as of September 19th

People of the BookEsam Aal & Rafi Dworsky4 Mondays amFaribault3020open
Myths and Controversies in American Higher EducationDan Sullivan8 Mondays pmNorthfield189open
No Conflict - Toward a Congenial Conversation between Science & FaithRichard Jorgensen4 Tuesdays amFaribault2015closed
Bach's Church MusicGerald Hoekstra8 Tuesdays amNorthfield1816closed
Bach's Church MusicGerald Hoekstra8 Tuesdays pmNorthfield1812closed
Socrates Confronts the GodsPerry Mason8 Tuesdays pmNorthfield1818closed
Corals and Coral ReefsGary Wagenbach8 Wednesdays pmNorthfield2016closed
Planning for a Good DeathKerry Hjelmgren4 Wednesdays pmFaribault307open
The Literature of Northern IrelandJim McDonnell8 Wednesdays pmNorthfield1818closed
The History of MathematicsDon Barry8 Thursdays amNorthfield1818closed
The History and Chemistry of ChocolateJerry Mohrig8 Thursdays pmNorthfield1818closed
Our Turkey PMRoxy Scott Barry & Don Barry8 Fridays pmNorthfield1818closed
The German Bauhaus Architectural MovementLaVern Rippley8 Fridays pmNorthfield1816open
Our Turkey AMRoxy Scott Barry & Don Barry8 Fridays amNorthfield1919closed