Spring 2017 Course Enrollment – as of April 14, 2017

Two courses were cancelled due to illness of two instructors.

Course Enrollment - Spring 2017

Bill Woehrlin19th Century Russian Short Stories8 Mondays amNorthfield1814
Bill Woehrlin19th Century Russian Short Stories8 Mondays pmNorthfield1813
Jerry MohrigHistory and Chemistry of Chocolate00cancelled
Steve KellyJazz: The First Hundred Years8 Tuesdays amNorthfield2117
Jim McDonnellThe Irish Revolution: Literature and Violence8 Tuesdays pmNorthfield2523
Gary WagenbachCorals and Coral Reefs8 Tuesdays pmNorthfield3017
Barbara EvansNorthfield Architecture7 Wednesdays amNorthfield1515closed
Perry MasonPhilosophy and Psychiatry00cancelled
Almut FurchertThe Existentialist Cafe8 Wednesdays pmNorthfield1514
Scot CoveyPre-Code Hollywood Films8 Wednesdays pmNorthfield1810
Robert & Sharon FlatenGreat Decisions8 Thursdays amNorthfield3535closed
Emily UrnessExploring the Short Story8 Thursdays amNorthfield127
Daniel SullivanMyths and Cotroveries in American Higher Education8 Thursdays pmNorthfield2011
Jeff JarvisHistoric Mills of the Cannon Valley4 Thursdays pmFaribault2014
Karen MadsenMusic Listening8 Fridays amNorthfield20