Fall 2017 Course Enrollment

Course enrollment will be posted August 21, 2017.

Fun-eral - Another Spin on DeathCraig Breimhorst4 Mondays AMRice County Historical Society, Faribault20
Sonnets and Soliloquies...Dan Van Tassel8 Mondays AMVillage on the Cannon20
Symphonies from Mozart to MahlerLawrence Archbold8 Mondays PMVillage on the Cannon, Northfield18
History and Chemistry of ChocolateJerry Mohrig8 Tuesdays AMVillage on the Cannon, Northfield18
How Plant Diseases Have Affected Human HistoryBob Nyvall4 Tuesdays AMSenior Center 106, Northfield18
Music ... European Renaissance Gary Hoekstra8 Tuesdays PMVillage on the Cannon, Northfield18
Politics and Religion...Jan Linn8 Tuesdays PMSenior Center 106, Northfield18
Liberty and Laissez-FaireSteve Soderlind8 Wednesdays AMVillage on the Cannon, Northfield18
Waste, or Talking TrashGeorge Kinney8 Wednesdays PMVillage on the Cannon, Northfield18
Philosophy and PsychiatryPerry Mason8 Wednesdays AMSenior Center 106, Northfield18
Southeast Asia and the Spice TourMike Leming8 Thursdays AMSenior Center 106, Northfield18
The German NovelleLaVern Rippley8 Thursdays PMSenior Center 106, Northfield12
Understanding Our Immigrants and RefugeesSam Ouk5 Thursdays PMFaribault Diversity Coalition30
Exploring the Jesus of History and the Christ of ExperienceDan Geslin7 Fridays AMSenior Center 106, Northfield18
Laura Ingalls WilderDiane Hagen6 Fridays AMParadise Theater, Faribault20