Enrollment numbers are as of March 19.  Two courses were canceled:  What Is Art? and Introduction to the Writer’s Workshop Model.  Registrations will still be accepted on a first-come, first-served space-available basis, for the 8 courses that still have space.  If you registered and have not received notice of being accepted, contact Dale Sommers  507-645-8673  d.sommers@charter.net

Course Enrollment - Spring 2018

Seventh Art: France goes to MoviesDana Strand8 Mondays amNorthfield1818closed
Thinking about Vietnam, 2018Mike Harper8 Mondays amNorthfield2014
Revisiting ShakespeareCheryl Freund8 Tuesdays amFaribault205
The American Musical TheaterGary Gisselman8 Tuesdays amNorthfield2018
The American Musical TheaterGary Gisselman8 Tuesdays pmNorthfield2020closed
Listening to Reinhold NiebuhrRichard Crouter8 Wednesdays amNorthfield1818closed
Russian Literature in 20th CenturyBill Woehrlin8 Wednesdays amNorthfield2015
Russian Literature in 20th CenturyBill Woehrlin8 Wednesdays pmNorthfield2013
What Is Art?Gary Hoganson4 Wednesdays pmFaribaultcanceled
The Stories of Frank O'ConnorJim McDonnell8 Wednesdays pmNorthfield1817
Great Decisions 2018Robert & Sharon Flaten8 Thursdays amNorthfield3636closed
The Real CSI StoryTroy Dunn & Andy Bohlen4 Thursdays amFaribault3030closed
Environmental LiteracyJan Mitchell4 Thursdays pmFaribault207
Northfield Architecture ContinuedBarbara Evans7 Thursdays pmNorthfield2014
Ethical Critique of Capitalist SocietyWalt Stromseth8 Fridays amNorthfield18
Intro Writer's Workshop ModelEmily Urness8 Fridays pmNorthfieldcanceled