Course Description: Summer 2018


Film Festival Seminar Course

Four Wednesdays in July, 9:30-11:30, in Carleton Weitz Center classrooms

Following the Tuesday evening showing of each film in the Festival, the class will examine and discuss the film under the guidance of the film’s presenter (who also selected the film for showing and discussion).  The schedule is as follows:

July 11   Murder, My Sweet     Presenter: Carol Donelan (teaches film at Carleton)

July 18   The Third Man          Presenter: Karen Achberger (retired St. Olaf professor) and Charlie Black (retired Northfield High School teacher and film enthusiast)

July 25   Sunset Boulevard      Presenter: Eric Nelson (retired St. Olaf film professor)

Aug 1     Le Samourai             Presenter: Bjorn Nordfjord (teaches film at St. Olaf)

The seminar course is open to all (regardless of age) on payment of $30 tuition.  For a registration form, click here.