Expanded descriptions of Fall 2017 courses


Jan Linn: Politics and Religion — Unholy Union or Marriage Made in Heaven?

Jan G. Linn (D. Min.) was Professor of the Practice of Ministry at Lexington Theological Seminary in Kentucky before giving up tenure, throwing caution to the wind, and moving to Minnesota where he and Joy spent the next 14 years establishing a new church modeled after the Church of the Savior in the nation’s capitol.

He is now a full-time writer and the author of fourteen books. His latest, Evangelicalism and the Decline of American Politics, is slated to be published in later summer, 2017, by Cascade Books.

Jan also writes a popular Blog, Thinking Against The Grain, found at linnposts.com, that addresses issues arising at the intersection of religion and politics in American life today.

Session One
An historical overview of Western Christianity’s relationship with political powers

Session Two
New England Puritanism and its legacy

Session Three
The roots of and reasons for the Second Amendment

Session Four
Mid 20th century in America: Christianity a de facto state religion

Session Five
The struggle between efforts to reestablish a secular government and Christian resistance to this change.

Session Six
The rise of the Christian right and politicized religion.

Session Seven
Religion, politics, and morality in today’s America

Session Eight
The future of religion and politics and the potential emergence of politicized Supreme Court.