Expanded descriptions of Fall 2017 courses


Jerry Mohrig: The History and Chemistry of Chocolate

The recommended class text is The True History of Chocolate, 3rd Ed., by Sophie and Michael Coe. It is available at Content on Division Street in Northfield. The 3rd edition is not that much different from the 2nd edition; if you have a copy of the 2nd edition available, it may suffice.


Sept. 12        Allure and Substance of Chocolate – Setting the Stage
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOverview of the Cacao Tree and its Use by Mesoamericans
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyIntroduction and Chapter 1

Sept. 19        Chemistry of Cacao and the Aztecs
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyChapter 3

Sept. 26        Europeans Arrive and Chocolate Conquers Europe
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyChapters 4 and 5

Oct. 3           Journeys of Chocolate, Coffee, and Tea
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyChapters 6 and 7

Oct. 10         How Chocolate Bars Are Made – Part 1
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyChapter 8

Oct. 17         How Chocolate Bars Are Made – Part 2
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyChapter 8 and Handout

Oct. 24         Evaluation of Chocolate – Health Effects and Social Issues
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyChapter 9

Oct. 31         Science of Taste and a Chocolate Tasting