Expanded descriptions of Spring 2017 courses


Barbara Evans: Northfield Architecture — Historic and Significant

Some of the early Northfield builders (Nutting, Pye, Lord, and others) may or may not have used architects to create their contributions to Northfield. We will look at their buildings, several of which have been renovated in recent years. Harry Wild Jones (State Bank) and J.E. Cooke (Nutting House) were architects of note. Yamasaki designed several buildings for Carleton College. Sovik designed several buildings for St. Olaf College. Bob Warn and Bill Brodersen brought Prairie School and Frank Lloyd Wright influences to Northfield. Class participants may be able to help locate and identify architect connections to specific buildings of interest to the class.  

Dates of the four expanded class sessions will be announced at the first class session, so please stay flexible. Most sessions will begin at the Village on the Cannon to discuss what we’ll see and directions for getting to another location, if necessary, as well to avoid any confusion about meeting places for the rest of that particular session. Contact Barbara Evans at barbjevans@aol.com or 507-645-7424 if you have questions. Our text, Northfield: The History and Architecture of a Community is available at the Northfield Historical Society.