Further information on Fall 2018 courses


Don Barry: A History of Mathematics from 30,000 BC to 300 BC


Class schedule (subject to revision):

Week 1:         The nature of theoretical thinking.
xxxxxxxxxxxThe numerical ability of animals and of early humans.
xxxxxxxxxxxThe development of numerical symbols and an abstract understanding of area.

Week 2:         The mathematics of Egypt circa 1800 BCE.

Week 3:         The mathematics of Sumer and Babylon up to 1600 BCE.

Week 4:          Early mathematics in India circa 800 – 500 BCE.

Week 5:          Early mathematics in China up to 150 AD.

Week 6:          Archaeological evidence for early mathematics in Neolithic England
xxxxxxxxxxxiand in the Mayan civilization.

Week 7:          Greece—Pythagoras and the origin of proof.

Week 8:          Greece—Hippocrates of Chios, Aristarchus, Eratosthenes, and Euclid. 



The instructor will provide the participants with brief articles he has written and will cover in classes – the number of articles ranges from 8 to 15 per class.  He will also provide the participants with a variety of websites that they can go to and some YouTube videos, but all of those are best given out after each class.