Further information on Fall 2018 courses


Roxy Scott Barry and Don Barry: Our Turkey


Class schedule (subject to revision):

Week 1:      Introduction to the Congregational Mission in Turkey, its origin, development, and accomplishments which included schools, hospitals, and printing presses.  The role Carleton graduates including Henry Wingate and Roxy’s father, John Scott, played will be covered.

Week 2:      The founding of the Turkish Republic and Ataturkism.

Week 3:      Growing up in Turkey.  Roxy’s experience growing up in a Turkish village.  Lots of slides as well as presentations of customs, wedding ceremonies, circumcision, and the celebration of Islamic and Christian holidays.

Week 4:      Our shared life and experiences while teaching in Turkey for 7 years.  Slides and stories.  There will be a focus on education and the Gülen movement will be discussed.

Week 5:      Turkish art and aesthetics.  Iznik ceramics, ebru painting, various forms of music.  Samples and YouTube videos of ebru art and musical performances.

Week 6:      Weaving.  Samples and explanations of techniques, plant dyeing, and the role weaving played in the lives of peasants and nomads.  An informative and important video by Woven Legends will be played.

Week 7:      Current issues.  Under Erdoğan there have been significant changes and tensions in Turkey. 

Week 8:      A Turkish “potluck” dinner created by the participants.  Recipes and YouTube how-to-do-it videos to ensure tasty and reasonably accurate items will be provided.



The course text will be Stephen Kinzer, Crescent and Star: Turkey Between Two Worlds (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux; 2008; list price $17).

Although not required, participants might find the following books of interest:

Denny, Walter, Iznik: The Artistry of Ottoman Ceramics
Pamuk, Orhan, Memories of the City
Kemal, Yashar, Mehmed, My Hawk
Ahmet Tanpinar, A Mind at Peace
Scott, Alev, Turkish Awakening, a Personal Discovery of Modern Turkey
Stone, Frank, Academies for Anatolia