Further information on Fall 2018 courses


Perry Mason: Socrates Confronts the Gods


Course texts:

Readings for the course will be taken from the following books:

Hesiod, Works & Days and Theogony, trans. Stanley Lombardo (Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing, 1993)

Patricia Curd, ed., A Presocratics Reader, 2nd ed. (Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing, 2011)

C.D.C. Reeve, ed. & trans., The Trials of Socrates ( Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing, 2002) Trials of Socrates

The list prices of these books are in the range of $12 – $15, with Kindle E-editions available for $9 – $11, and used copies available online for considerably less.  New copies should be available at Content Books, usually with a 10% discount.


Class schedule (subject to revision):

1. (Sept. 11)  Introduction

2. (Sept. 18)  Traditional Greek religion

3. (Sept. 25)  Greek philosophy before Socrates

4. (Oct. 2)     Aristophanes: Philosophy is dangerous clap-trap

5. (Oct. 9)     The Case of Socrates: The charge that philosophy is an impious threat to the social order

6. (Oct. 16)   Plato’s defense of Socrates against the charge of impiety

7. (Oct. 23)   Plato’s defense of Socrates against the charge of undermining the social order

8. (Oct. 30)   Concluding discussion