Further information on Fall 2018 courses


Jerry Mohrig: The History and Chemistry of Chocolate


Course text:

The recommended class text is The True History of Chocolate, 3rd Ed., by Sophie and Michael Coe (list price $23). It is available, normally at a discount, at Content on Division Street in Northfield. The 3rd edition is not that much different from the 2nd edition; if you have a copy of the 2nd edition available, it may suffice.


Class schedule (subject to revision):

Sept. 13    Allure and Substance of Chocolate – Setting the Stage
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOverview of the Cacao Tree and its Use by Mesoamericans
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyIntroduction and Chapter 1

Sept. 20    Chemistry of Cacao and the Aztecs
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyChapter 3

Sept. 27    Europeans Arrive and Chocolate Conquers Europe
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyChapters 4 and 5

Oct. 4       Journeys of Chocolate, Coffee, and Tea
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyChapters 6 and 7

Oct. 11     How Chocolate Bars Are Made – Part 1
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyChapter 8

Oct. 18     How Chocolate Bars Are Made – Part 2
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyChapter 8 and Handout

Oct. 25     Evaluation of Chocolate – Health Effects and Social Issues
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyChapter 9

Nov. 1      Science of Taste and a Chocolate Tasting