Further information on Spring 2018 courses


Walt Stromseth: The Ethical Critique of Our Capitalist Society


Course text

Reading materials for all 8 sessions will be provided in advance of each session ($12 total cost included in $62 course fee: $50 tuition + $12 materials). Given the spread of topics, requiring an assigned text or two would not be workable, and using current articles makes the topics more immediately relevant.


Provisional schedule

March 30: Marx’s Critique of Modern Capitalist Society: the human alienation of its members

April 6: Piketty’s Analysis of Capitalism in the 21st Century: the increasing concentration of wealth

April 13: Poverty and the Poverty Trap in the USA: the flip side of the concentration of wealth

April 20: Capitalism and Democracy, Friends or Foes? a partnership in tension

April 27: Capitalism and Education: what purpose(s) should it serve in our democratic/capitalist society?

May 4: Capitalism and Health Care: a source of profit or a basic right? can it be both?

May 11: Capitalism and Environmental Responsibility: are they compatible?

May 18: Proposals and Prospects for Reform and Greater Economic Equity