Further information on Spring 2018 courses


Emily Urness: Introduction to the Writer’s Workshop Model


This class will examine student critique in the most common format used in the graduate-level Creative Writing program: the workshop method. In a writer’s workshop students share and refine drafts, students provide constructive criticism both on paper and in class. The instructor’s role is to facilitate, encourage, and provide models for feedback. The writer’s workshop is a place for students to utilize previous writing/editing experience as well as learned methods of critique to evolve story drafts. The workshop method objective is to help writers advance their craft through concentrated study on drafts of their own as well as their peers.

The instructor will plan each week’s course content to the needs of the group. Each class will have a short lecture, discussion on assigned readings (provided by the instructor), and a chance for students to try their hand at critiquing in the workshop model. The first few weeks will be spent discussing revision techniques and the workshop model as well as trying our hand at workshopping outside stories. The second half of the course will focus on workshopping student work.

This class will be an introduction to the art of critique and revision. These skills can then be taken and adapted to getting the most out of a writer’s group or can simply be used to advance one’s own perspective on editing and refining their work. Students will leave this course with perspective on how to refine drafts and provide valuable feedback to others.