Expanded descriptions of Winter 2018 courses


Bruce Colwell: Northfield 1968

Classes will be primarily discussion, with guest video presentations.

Class date                 Topics

January 8                   Overview of America 1968

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(History Channel video: “1968: The Year That Everything Changed”)

January 15                 Northfield 1968: The Year in Headlines

January 23                 The Vietnam War; protest at home.

January 30                 Identity: race, gender, generation, politics

February 5                 Culture: music, art, film in 1968

February 12               Presidential Politics

February 19               Northfield “News”

February 26               Personal recollections, personal meanings, personal perspectives


Recommended reading:

  • The 1968 Project: A Nation Coming of Age. Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1988.
  • 1968 in America: Music, Politics, Chaos, Counterculture, and the Shaping of a Generation. Charles Kaiser, Grove Press, 1988.
  • 1968: The Year That Changed the World. Time Inc., 2008.
  • Carleton 1968. Historical essay, Bruce William Colwell, 2017.

The three books are available on Amazon, used versions for under $10. The essay will be provided.