Registration Form and Schedule for Fall 2013

Click on this link for a downloadable copy of the form. Registration Form Fall 2013

Fall 2013 Class Schedule  Use this link to view current registrations.

The first week of classes is complete.  Withdrawals can be made before the second class session.

As of Monday, September 16, there are 201 registrations.



Enrollment for CVEC Courses: a History

We are pleased to publish this graph, showing the history of enrollment in CVEC courses since its inception 12 years ago.   Healthy and steady growth is evident for almost each year, and for all three terms,  fall, winter and spring.  And we thank Bill Carlson, not just for this tabulation, but for the great contributions he has made to all aspects of the organization—contributions  best illustrated  by the growth displayed in this graph.     He has occupied most of the leadership roles at one time or another, and in the past 6 years has been the Executive Director of CVEC.    It is probably no accident that these years saw the greatest growth in enrollment.     Bravo, Bill———-Ed