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It’s coming again!

The 5th Annual Northfield Summer Film Festival

This year’s theme: Politics!

In cooperation with Carleton College, we’re presenting a series of four great films on a timely topic.  All are free and open to the public, on Tuesday evenings at 7:30, at Carleton’s Weitz Center cinema (Union and 3rd Streets), beginning on July 5.  Here’s the schedule:

xxxxxxxJuly 5

Week 1 - Mr Smith


xxxxxxJuly 12

Week 2 - Being There


xxxxxxJuly 19

Week 3 - Network


xxxxxxJuly 26

Week 4 - Panic



Seminar class: In connection with the above films, CVEC is again offering a course of seminars, each given at 9:30 the following morning and led by the presenter of the week’s film.  For more information, click here.  To register, click here.

Comments from past seminar students:

• I thoroughly enjoyed the classroom presentations where I learned so much more about each film, its director, and interesting details about film making. I am finding that I watch films now with a greater appreciation as I notice things I hadn’t paid much attention to before.

• As always, the discussions after the films are the most interesting. I am always surprised at the many opinions that people have concerning any scene in a film.



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