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Winter term has begun.  We hope you are enjoying your classes.

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Newsletter for Winter Term, January 6, 2014

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Barbara Evans’ Class on Architecture

The “Frank Lloyd Wright in Mason City, Iowa” CVEC class left for Mason City on October 1st–a beautiful, warm and sunny day.  Our first stop was the Architectural Interpretive Center, a newly constructed site next to The Stockman House.  A video there begins the tour of the Prairie School in Mason City and Frank Lloyd Wright’s two buildings in particular.  The interpretive center has models of the Rock Crest/Rock Glen houses on display that we later saw on foot or by bus.  The River City Society for Historical Preservation provided four informed and personable docents for our tours of The Stockman House and the Interpretive Center.  We took in the sights of the Rock Crest/Rock Glen prairie school neighborhoods on our way to lunch in the restored bank/ball room of The Historic Park Inn.  As lunch was ending our three guides from Wright on the Park (the preservation group that restored the Park Inn and City National Bank) arrived.  We began our tour in the huge and beautiful room where we had lunch.  We split into three groups for tours of the hotel and all ended outside where, from the park, we looked at other Mason City architecture that we had studied in our class.  Because we had learned much of the history and some of the basic preservation work on both The Stockman House and the Historic Park Inn, our guides were free to talk in much more depth and with much more detail about the buildings and what it took to save them and restore them.  We were grateful for such expert guides.

Our class had two, two-hour classes before our Mason City day trip.  Then the trip itself was about 9 hours long.  We ended by having one two-hour follow-up class to process what we had seen and heard.  This unique format for a class may have been more work for some CVEC people,  but that work was greatly appreciated when we saw those wonderful structures.  These photos were taken by instructor Barbara Evans on our trip.

On the left:   Stockman House,  1908, Frank Lloyd Wright.     On the right:   Park View Inn, Skylight Room.


Enrollment of 625 in Academic Year 2012-13

CVEC class registrations totaled 625 for Academic Year 2012-13.  With the addition of the seminar that accompanied the CVEC summer film festival beginning in 2012, enrollment exceeded 600 in both 2011-12 and 2012-13.  (Total enrollment was already record-setting both years, before the film festivals.)

There were strong enrollment numbers again for the beginning of the 2013-14 academic year, with 201 registrations for Fall 2013, the fifth time in our history we have reached 200 registrations for a term.  We welcomed 23 individuals who enrolled in their first CVEC class in the fall of 2013.  The graph at the link below shows enrollment growth since academic year 1997-98.

Enrollment Graph 9.26.13