Welcome to the Cannon Valley Elder Collegium

Registration for Spring term courses is now closed. Courses for the Fall term will be posted on approximately July 29.

We are sorry to report that Steve Kelly, longtime friend of CVEC, passed away on Saturday, May 11. Steve was a music professor at Carleton for decades, specializing in renaissance music and jazz, and played with a local band, including after retirement. He taught courses for CVEC in jazz and musical films, among others, and served two terms on the CVEC Board of Directors. Steve will be greatly missed.

CVEC Covid Policy for Spring Term: CVEC continues to require Covid vaccinations and boosters for all persons attending in-person classes. However, CVEC does not now require that masks be worn by students or instructors, and none of our class venues requires masks. Of course, any student is welcome to wear a mask at any time or at all times. However, if any student should request that all others in a class wear masks, there is no expectation of compliance with that request. In classroom settings, it’s difficult to hear people speaking when they wear masks

CVEC instructors and students will notify the Executive Director or Curriculum Director if they have tested positive for COVID or were exposed to someone who tested positive, and should not return to CVEC Classes until they complete the appropriate CDC-recommended quarantine and have had a negative COVID test. CVEC will notify the class venue when either a positive test or exposure has been reported.

Upcoming Dates

May 17, 2024 – Spring terms ends

July 29, 2024 – Target date for posting Fall courses and for commencing Fall registration