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Fall 2020 Registration is Open

All Courses are Online!

Conditions under the current Covid-19 pandemic make it impossible for us to offer our normal in-person classes this fall. For one thing, no venues are available to us. For another, even in our usual venues acceptable levels of social distancing would be at best rare and very difficult to maintain. Consequently, rather than cancelling a second entire term of courses, we are offering only online courses this fall, using a popular and user-friendly video conferencing tool that we’ll introduce you to. Nine instructors have generously and diligently thrown themselves into learning how to host and run online sessions, to the point that we are confident that our fall courses will live up to our accustomed high standards for content and participation.

You’ll find here the usual kinds of descriptions of the sorts of courses you’re used to seeing in our program. There are two main departures from normal. Instead of our normal 13-15 courses, there are only 9; some instructors of previously proposed courses asked to postpone out of concern that the online format might not work well for them. And the enrollment limits on all courses have been decreased to 15, in hopes that this will ease the handling of questions and discussion in the unfamiliar (to most) online format.

We suggest that you first look over the course descriptions to see which would have interested you had they been presented with a familiar in-person format. Then read through “What Is Needed to be a Student in an Online Course” here, and check the instructor’s expanded description at the end of the course description, which may include comments about what to expect from the online format. If that doesn’t fit your computer environment or your sense of your abilities, then we look forward to seeing you in our in-person classes when they resume (and they will, eventually).

If, on the other hand, you think you can rise to the challenge and perhaps even have fun with something new, then we’d love to have you try the experiment. Your instructor will show you how to do it, once you’re enrolled. And don’t worry – your grandkids have probably been doing this already!