The Second Annual Northfield Film Festival


CVEC and Carleton College are pleased to offer the 2nd Annual Northfield Film festival.  We will feature four Hitchcock films at the Weitz Center Cinema,  Union and 3rd Streets, beginning Tuesday, July 9 at 7:30 PM.

The first movie will be Vertigo, with James Stewart and Kim Novak.   The others are Shadow of a Doubt, July 16;  North by Northwest,  July 23;  and Psycho, July 30.    These movies are free to the public.

A seminar will be led the morning after each movie by local faculty, 9:30-11:30,   and you can register for this for $25 at the Senior Center beginning Monday, June 17.   These seminars are also at the Weitz Center Cinema.  The first seminar will be led by Carol Donelan, Chair of Cinema and Media Studies,  Carleton.   The second will be led by Eric Nelson;  the third by Jim Holden;  and the fourth by Pierre Hecker.

We know you’ll enjoy these movies,  and many of you will want to share in the discussions the following mornings as well.     Ed

Here is a link to a downloadable registration form. Registration Form Summer 2013 Film Fest

July 9 seminar Registration totals: 352013-06-16_1326