John Matthews: Christianity 2.0 – Jesus Re-imagined

In addition to using the Bible as a primary text (any version or translation is acceptable), the class will be reading/discussing “Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time,” by Marcus J. Borg, 1994. Copies of the Borg book will be available at Content Books in Northfield.

Session I –        Introductions & get-acquainted – (the course and the participants)

Session II –       Jesus, as a Jew, before the Church made him a Christian (pre- & post-Easter)

Session III –      Jesus, as the Christian Christ, but not the Jewish Messiah – (supersessionism)

Session IV –    Jesus, as the only way to the Father? (exclusivism vs. inclusivism)

Session V –     Jesus,as the product of Nicaea and Chalcedon (divine substance & essence)

Session VI –    Jesus, as the impetus for dividing the Church (Catholic and Protestant)

Session VII –   Jesus, as one of 6,000,000 crucified Jews – (the Holocaust as a Mirror)

Session VIII –  Jesus, as re-imagined for a Christianity 2.0 – (sage, healer & worker of justice)