Further information: Randall Ferguson:  Military Music of the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars

Expanded Description: 

Music of the Revolutionary War

Week 1:  Military Fife and Drum music.  The Drummer Boys—Beats and Signals, Boys in Battle.

Week 2:  Songs of the Patriots and Loyalists.  Folk Songs of Battles and Campaigns.

Week 3:  Patriot and Loyalist Parodies & Songs of Those Back Home.

Week 4:  Choral Music of the Revolution. New England Hymnody: Fuguing Tunes and Shaped Note Singing.

Music of the Civil War

Week 5:  Military Fife and Drum Music.  40,000 Boy Musicians.

Week 6:  Military Brass Bands.  Civil War Era Brass Instruments; Brass Bands and the Music of the Union; Brass Bands of the Confederacy.

Week 7:  Songs of the Soldiers: Songs of the CSA; Songs of the Union Army.

Week 8:  Songs of the Soldiers: Parodies of CSA and Union songs; Parlor Songs of the Civil War; The Hutchinson Family Singers.

Class Discussions to be a part of each session. Topics to include:

In both the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars, how did families cope with their children going off to war for months and even years?