For further information: Sam Temple:  A Beautiful Dream—Historic Figures of Early Faribault

Expanded Description:  Optional recommended reading: North Country by Mary Lethert Wingerd (used, from $18.08, on  Assignments will include watching free online documentaries and listening to podcasts, which will be provided as they are assigned.

No assignments, readings, or viewings will be expected to be completed before the first day of class. In-person class will still be a full experience even if assigned work is not completed but will be greatly enhanced with full participation.

Week 1: Introduction; Alexander Faribault (Lecture, discussion, video screening)

Week 2: Minnesota History 101 and the Fur Trade (Lecture)

Week 3: The Norths and the Buckhams (Lecture, video screening)

Week 4: James Shields and Early Settlement (Lecture, discussion, video screening)

Week 5: Rodney Mott and Olof Hanson (Lecture, discussion)

Week 6: Taopi and Henry Whipple (Lecture, discussion, video screening)

Week 7: Taoyateduta and Henry Sibley (Lecture, discussion)

Week 8: Legacies; Living with History (Lecture, discussion)