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THE GRANTA BOOK OF THE IRISH SHORT STORY, Edited by Anne Enright (new softcover copies may be found through bookfinder.com for as little as $10.95)

First Class       Introduction

*James Joyce, PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST: Christmas Dinner

*Edna O’Brien, from The Country Girls

John Banville, Summer Voices (51)

Second Class   Clare Boylan, Villa Marta (179)

Neil Jordan, Night in Tunisia (233)

Aidan Matthews, Train Tracks (306)

Claire Keegan, Men and Women (388)

Third Class      Val Mulkerns, Memory and Desire (136)

*Ita Daly, Such Good Friends

*Eilis Ni Dhuibhne, Blood and Water

Fourth Class    John McGahern, The Key (264)

Colum McCann, Everything in this Country Must (343)

William Trevor, The Dressmaker’s Child ((411)

Fifth Class       Roddy Doyle, The Pram (12)

*Eugene McCabe, Heaven Lies about Us

Eilis Ni Dhuibhne, Midwife to the Fairies (380)

Sixth Class      *Seamus Deane, The Facts of Life

Colm Toibin, A Priest in the Family (274)

*William Trevor, Of the Cloth

Seventh Class  Joseph O’Connor, Mothers Were all the Same (399)

*Emma Donoghue, Going Back

Final Class      Bernard MacLaverty, Language Truth and Lockjaw (367)

*Anne Enright, Solstice & The Hotel

*Sally Rooney, Color and Light & Unread Messages

Stories marked with * will be made available as attachments or handouts at no charge to students.