Extended Course Description: Our class will begin one week later than the other Spring classes, meeting for 7 sessions rather than 8. The first two sessions will be two hours long but the remaining sessions will be extended by half an hour to allow for touring so the total class time will be the equivalent of 8 weeks. All sessions will begin at the Village on the Cannon. Participants can carpool or drive to specific places on their own to begin tours. Touring will include standing and walking for periods of time in the downtown, on campuses, or in neighborhoods.

Required Text: Northfield: The History and Architecture of a Community, published by and available at the Northfield Historical Society ($5.00). Other information will be printed for class participants or will be available online. Readings will be assigned to match up with session content.

Contents of sessions may be revised in order to accommodate on-site visits.

Session 1: (Our class begins on Week 2 of the term); Introduction to class and logistics. Style of architecture in Northfield of commercial, religious, and residential buildings.

Session 2: Architecture Styles as they relate to architects who designed in the city (including the colleges) of Northfield. In class “arm chair” tours.

Session 3: Notable residential architecture and terminology. Classroom preparation for on-site tours.

Session 4: 2 ½ hour class about building materials, techniques, and terminology. Downtown tour of area around Bridge Square.

Session 5: 2 ½ hour class about Restoration in Northfield. Downtown walk with emphasis on restored buildings. Inside tours and explanations as available.

Session 6: 2 ½ hour class studying the architecture of Carleton College.

Session 7: 2 ½ hour class studying the architecture of St. Olaf College.