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Viewing films:

IMPORTANT:  Classes will be run primarily by discussion supplemented by emailed introductions.  The films are available either as DVDs to be rented or as streaming downloads. 
          The simplest and cheapest source for the DVD versions is Netflix DVD, on which the first month’s subscription is free and subsequent months cost $7.99 each, and you can drop your subscription at any time. To watch the films on this medium, students will need to have a device that can play DVDs or Blu-ray disks.  To access it, go to the Netflix DVD Official website.  (You want Netflix DVD, not Netflix Streaming.  Netflix Streaming is an excellent streaming service, but it does not have most of the films we will be discussing.  Netflix DVD does; its inventory has a much greater historical depth.)  A problem with this alternative, however, is that distribution can be very slow, due mainly to the Covid pandemic. 
          Alternatively, Amazon Prime is the best source for streaming the films.  If you already subscribe to Amazon Prime and have paid the $119 annual fee, you can then rent films for only $3.99 per film, making this a reasonable option for securing the films and more reliable as to time of delivery. But if you are not enrolled in Amazon Prime, this option would be considerably more expensive than Netflix DVD for the two-month run of our class.


Session 1.         Introductions

Session 2.         The Passion of Joan of Arc

Session 3.         Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Session 4.         The Lady Eve

Session 5.         Sunset Boulevard

Session 6.         Some Like It Hot

Session 7.         The Sound of Music

Session 8.         Little Women