Registration is open until the start of the second class for Fall 2019 courses

Course Enrollment as of August 25th - Fall 2019

Friendship and a Life Well-livedPat Johnson8 Mondays am
(Sept. 9 – Nov. 4, no class Oct. 21)
Mortality and the Meaning of LifeEd Langerak8 Mondays pm
(beginning Sept. 16)
Effect of Plant Diseases on People’s Lives, Past and PresentBob Nyvall8 Tuesdays am
(beginning Sept. 17)
Music in the Courts and Cities of Renaissance EuropeGerald Hoekstra8 Tuesdays amNorthfield1818closed
Immigrants and Refugees in FilmEric Nelson8 Wednesdays amNorthfield2525closed
Of Predators, Pets, and Poop—The Influence of Animals on
Human Societies
John Blackmer8 Wednesdays amFaribault202open
Reinhold Niebuhr on Democracy in Perilous TimesRichard Crouter8 Wednesdays am
Dying Well: Discussions, Decisions, & DocumentsKerry Hjelmgren5 Wednesdays pm
(Oct. 2 – 30)
The History and Chemistry of CookingJerry Mohrig8 Wednesdays pmNorthfield1811open
Welsh Language and CultureCarol Trosset8 Thursdays pm (Sept. 12 – Nov. 7, no class Oct. 3)Northfield1818closed
Understanding our Immigrants and RefugeesSam Ouk5 Thursdays (Sept. 12 – Oct 10), 3:00-5:00Faribault2011open
The Irish Revolution: Literature and Violence, 1916-1923Jim McDonnell8 Fridays amNorthfield1515closed
The Religion of WhitenessDan Geslin8 Fridays amNorthfield1815open