Further information on Fall 2019 courses


John Blackmer: Of Predators, Pets, and Poop—The Influence of Animals on Human Societies


Course text

Readings, links, and other resources will be shared each week online. A list of source literature will also be made available that participants can opt to read if they’d like.

Schedule of classes (subject to modification)

  1. Up through the food chain – the rise of early humans
  2. Farm animal domestication – the good, the bad, and the ugly
  3. Canines and felines – predators to pets
  4. Horses – societal game changers
  5. Marine mammals – sustenance to controversy
  6. Guano, patties, and poop – powering the agricultural revolution and subjugating cultures
  7. Diseases – malaria to smallpox, forces for eradicating and enslaving a people
  8. Eco-tourism, poaching, and the wildlife trade – what role does wildlife play in modern societies (developed and developing)