Further information on Fall 2019 courses


Gerald Hoekstra: Music in the Courts and Cities of  Renaissance Europe


Course text

Readings will be provided in the form of printed duplications (at a cost of $5), and recordings will be made available online.


Schedule of classes (subject to modification)

Sept. 10            Introduction: The “Renaissance” in Europe; listening to Renaissance music

Sept. 17            The Republic of Florence:  Music for Santa Maria del Fiore and carnival under the Medicis

Sept. 24            The Burgundian Court of Philip the Good: Music for the royal chapel and court entertainments

Oct. 1               The Bavarian Court of Albrecht V: Lassus and his colleagues in Munich

Oct. 8               Popular song, town bands, and processions in the Cities of the Low Countries

Oct. 15             Music at the Sistine Chapel: The popes, their choirs, and their music

Oct. 22             Music in England under Henry VIII and Elizabeth I: Anglican church music and English madrigals

Oct. 29             Venice, city of trade and pomp: Music in St. Mark’s Basilica and on the piazza