Further information on Fall 2019 courses


Jerry Mohrig: The History and Chemistry of Cooking


Course text

The recommended class text is COOKED by Michael Pollan, available at Content Books, 314 Division Street.


Schedule of classes (subject to modification)

Class 1            Assignment: INTRODUCTION – WHY COOK? (pp. 1-23)

Setting the Table – Kinds of Cooking, Choices on Course Content, Why Cook? The Importance of Classification (Class Exercise), History of Cooking, Discussion of the Introduction to COOKED

Class 2            The Chemical Revolution; Basic Chemistry – Periodic Table, Elements & Compounds, Atoms & Molecules; Chemical Bonds; Molecular Models (Class Exercise); Chemical Reactions

Class 3            Metabolism, The Chemistry of Cooking, Fats and Carbohydrates – Deciphering Chemical Structures, Calories

Class 4            Assignment: PART II – WATER (pp. 125-201)

Amino Acids & Proteins, Heat Energy & Temperature, Metabolic Pathways, Catalysis & Enzymes, Introduction to Pot Cooking, Water

Class 5            Assignment: PART IV – EARTH, FERMENT I. (pp. 293-337)

Braises and their Chemistry, Browning and Caramelization, Fermentation, Microorganisms and their Metabolism, Bread

Class 6            Assignment: PART III – AIR (pp. 205b-289)

Smell and Taste, Acids & Bases, Health Issues

Class 7            Assignment: PART IV – EARTH, FERMENT II. (pp. 338-372)

Cheese Making and Tasting

Class 8            Field Trip