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Sam Ouk: Understanding our Immigrants and Refugees


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Schedule of classes (subject to modification)

Class 1 – The Killing Field Simulation – Looking at the cost of war

You will be guided in a discussion around current events that are creating the circumstances for refugees. Then you will take part in a simulated narrative of events that happened during the Cambodian Killing Fields. Participants will be playing out true stories of Cambodian Killing Field Survivors and their families.

Class 2 – The Refugee Journey Simulation – What sacrifices did refugees have to make in order to achieve a peaceful life for their families?

You will form a family of six. You and your family will act out the experiences of refugee families trying your best to stay together as a family and survive the refugee journey. You will have to make tough choices about what to take with you on your journey and who to leave behind eventually having to decide how to find closure for yourself after all that has happened.

Class 3 – Visiting the Buddhist Temple in Hampton MN

The goal of this visit is to see how a refugee community can pick themselves up after enough time has allowed people to heal at the same time struggling to balance the past and the present.

Class 4 – Visiting the Mosque

The goal of this visit is to learn about a newer refugee group and comparing the events that brought the Somali refugee over and the events that brought the Cambodians over. You will discuss the potential opportunities for this group after time has allowed people to heal.

Class 5 – What can we do as a community to help refugees put the pieces of their life back together?

With all the losses, a refugee’s life is like a broken puzzle. This concluding class will look at how we can help the refugees pick up the pieces and start living again instead of surviving as refugees.