Further information on Spring 2019 courses


Barbara Evans: An American Architecture – Frank Lloyd Wright, Craftsman, and The Prairie School


Course text

The course text, Northfield: The History and Architecture of a Community, is available at the Northfield Historical Society for $5.

Students are encouraged but not required to read also Eden on the Cannon: A History of Northfield, Minnesota, available at the Northfield Historical Society.


Schedule of classes (subject to modification)

Session 1:  (2 hours):  Introduction to the course and to origins of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Europe and how it came to America.  Hubbard and the Roycrofters are key here.

Session 2:  (2 hours):  Roycroft launches Stickley, and influences Adler and Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright.  Discover these influences in Northfield architecture.

Session 3:  (2 hours):  Arts and Crafts to Craftsman (Stickley and his magazine) usher in the Prairie School.  Discover these influences in Northfield architecture. Begin class project of locating and mapping local homes of this period.

Session 4:  (2 ½ hours):  Frank Lloyd Wright dominates and his disciples bring the Prairie School to the Twin Cities area with Purcell/Elmslie, John Howe, and significant buildings designed by FLW in this and other areas.   There will be virtual tours of his buildings in this expanded session.

Session 5:  (2 ½ hours):  Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings in Prairie School heyday and movement toward Organic Architecture.   Virtual Mason City buildings tour in class and one on-site visit in Northfield.

Session 6:  (2 ½ hours): More Prairie School to Usonian to smaller buildings and pre-fabs by Frank Lloyd Wright.   Bob Warn, Bill Brodersen and other Northfield architects who studied with FLW will be featured.  Culmination of the mapping project.  Virtual tours of homes.  Possible on-site visit.

Session 7:  (2 ½ hours) Organic Architecture and how Northfield’s development may or may not embrace the Arts and Crafts, Prairie School, Usonian, and organic influences of American Architecture.  Walking tour of Manitou Street.  On-site visit(s).