Further information on Spring 2019 courses


Rhonda Pownell: Local Municipal Government


Course text

Copies of For the Love of Cities by Peter Kageyama will be available at Content Books (less than $20 new or used online for less than $4).

Northfield’s City Charter, the MN Mayors Handbook, and the 21st Century Policing Report will be distributed in a class packet costing $10 (which is added to the $50 course fee, making a total of $60).

MN Cities Magazines is available online and can be down-loaded and printed.

Background material from an actual city council meeting may be made available for the “official” Council meeting.



Schedule of classes (subject to modification)

Class 1: Introductions and how Northfield got its start – a look back at our history and how that is still playing out today

Class 2: Charter, Statutory A or B Cities – Northfield’s local government structure

Class 3: Tour of city hall

Class 4: A day in the life of Elected Officials – MN Mayor’s Handbook

Class 5: 21st Century Policing Report – The Report 

Class 6: LMC and LMCIT – MN Cities Magazines

Class 7: What does it mean to be a healthy city? How about a lovable city? – For the Love of Cities by Peter Kageyama

Class 8: City Council role play – have participants role play as city staff, council members, and the general public through an actual policy level decision hopefully right in the council chambers