Further information on Winter 2019 courses


Richard Collman: Cathedrals


Course text

Students will find The Secret Language of Churches and Cathedrals by Richard Stemp useful. It will be available at Content Books (likely discounted from publisher’s list price of $20). Other material will be available in duplicated format.


Schedule of classes (subject to modification)

  1. Introduction and the history of styles of cathedrals, getting vocabulary and design shapes down.
  2. Cathedral DVD by David Macaulay on the story of its construction, discussion, possible integration with a book and history of Chartres Cathedral in France (the model for Macaulay’s DVD).
  3. The age of faith that stimulated such structures, 1000 to 1300, and the peculiar mixed motives involved in all of this. Brief look at contemporary cathedrals being built. (Los Angeles, Raleigh, NC)
  4. Craftsmanship involved – stones, glass, artisans, using two DVD’s from Washington National Cathedral on the stone masons and another on artisans of our time.
  5. A session by Jon Rondestvedt, who taught such a course numerous times for the Elder Collegium.
  6. Class sharing of their cathedral experiences through computers, books, stories.
  7. Washington National Cathedral – our nation’s “church,” slides and presentation.
  8. Guided tour of Cathedral of Our Merciful Saviour in Faribault, MN, the first Episcopal cathedral west of the Mississippi in this country (tomb of Bishop Henry Whipple also).