Further information on Winter 2019 courses


Mary Caroline Henry: Sex and the Evolution of Plants and Fungi


Course text

There will be no course text; duplicated materials will be handed out in class instead.


Schedule of classes (subject to modification)

Session 1. The base
         Chromosomes, cell division, ploidy
         Green algae (but only the ones that form continuity with plants)

Session 2. Mosses and alternation of generations
         Ferns, horsetails, club mosses

Session 3. Gymnosperms
         Formation of seeds, variety within the class

Session 4. Angiosperms, flower structure, seeds
         Seeds, monocots and dicots, plant embryos

Session 5. Field trip to St. Olaf greenhouse?

Session 6. Fungi
         What are they?
         How do their cells and division differ from plants and animals (putting them in a separate kingdom)?

Session 7. Different classes of fungi
         Use dissecting microscopes to look at different examples: bread mold, cup fungi, penicillium, mushrooms

Session 8. Overview of the evolutionary picture
         Co-evolution of plants and fungi
         Co-evolution of flowering plants and pollinators