Further information on Fall 2020 courses


Roxy Scott Barry and Don Barry: Our Turkey


Class schedule (subject to revision):

Week 1:     

Introduction to the Congregational Mission in Turkey, which started in 1819 – its origin, development, and accomplishments which included schools, hospitals, and printing presses.  The role played by Carleton graduates, including Henry Wingate (in Turkey: 1890 – 1921) and Roxy’s father, John Scott (in Turkey: 1937 – 1975), will be covered.

Week 2:     

The founding of the Turkish Republic in 1923; the role of Atatürk. Education becomes secular, in 1927 the script the language was written in is changed, Turkish language reform begins 1930’s.

Week 3:     

Growing up in Turkey.  Roxy’s experience growing up in a central Turkish village in the 1950’s and life in Istanbul in the 1960’s.  Slides and YouTube videos of customs – weddings, circumcision, and the celebration of Islamic and Christian holidays.

Week 4:     

Our shared life and experiences while teaching in Turkey for 1973-80. There will be a focus on education and the Gülen educational and political movement will be discussed.

Week 5:     

Turkish art and aesthetics.  Iznik ceramics, ebru painting, various forms of music.  Samples and YouTube videos of ebru art, musical performances, and folk dances.

Week 6:     

Weaving: explanations of techniques, plant dyeing, and the role weaving played in the lives of peasants and nomads. The renaissance of Turkish weaving that began in 1982 will be covered. An informative and important video by Woven Legends will be played.

Week 7:     

The history and situation of the Kurds in Turkey.

Week 8:     

Current issues: Ways in which Turkey is dealing with the 4 million Syrian refugees that have fled across the border. The current political, economic, and geopolitical situation including changes and tensions of life under Erdoğan.


Books to provide useful information and background:

Kinzer, Stephen, Crescent and Star – Good basic background. Available new for less than $15 and used online for less than $5.
Pope, Hugh, Turkey Unveiled, 2016 – Good basic background. Available new for around $25 and used for less than $5.

We will ask Content Bookstore to have these available.