Further information on Fall 2020 courses


John Matthews: The Holocaust and the Churches

Course text:

The text for this course, The Holocaust and the Christian World (Paulist Press, 2019), edited by Carol Rittner, Stephen D. Smith, and Irena Steinfeldt, will be available online and at Content Books in Northfield for a bit under $30.


  1. Introduction – get-acquainted – goals/expectations – overview of the course
  2. The Holocaust in Historical Perspective – 20th Century Europe – Nationalism/War/Depression
  3. Christian Anti-Judaism & Historic Anti-Semitism
  4. The Catholic Church – complicity/confrontation (Concordat/Mit Brennender Sorge – Pius XII )
  5. The Protestant German Church – “Theologians under Hitler” (Kittel/Althaus/Hirsch)
  6. The Protestant Confessing Church – “Pastors after Barmen” (Lohmeyer/Niemöller/Bonhoeffer)
  7. Rescuers/Resisters – the “Righteous Among the Gentiles” (individuals/churches/countries)
  8. ‘Conclusions’ – lessons & liturgies – ‘Never Again!?’