Further information on Spring 2020 courses

Richard Collman: The Pipe Organ–King of Instruments


Course text

All the Stops: The Glorious Pipe organ and Its American Masters by Craig R. Whitney, available at Content Books, $19.99 with 20% off for participants.

Brochure, “Timeline of the History of the Organ” $5 per participant (added to registration).

Miscellaneous copies and supplements no more than $5 per person.


Schedule of classes (subject to modification)

March 23 Getting our ears on with E. Power Biggs, demonstration of pipes and sounds, the unique    combination of architecture, physics, metals, and wood working

 March 30 Getting our eyes on with the visual development of the pipe organ from the hydraulis of the Romans to the present using “Timeline of the Organ”, pictures, and slides

 April 6 The Organ in America: “Pulling Out All the Stops”  DVD from the American Guild of Organists, sharing of experiences with the organ, demonstration of playing the organ

 April 13 Organ “Crawl” in Northfield to small pipe organs at All Saints Episcopal, Bethel Lutheran Churches, with demonstrations, Q & A

 April 20 Putting our ears and eyes to work with possible construction of a model pipe organ using “Orgelkids” from Sioux Falls, or organ factory tour, or DVD “Wind at Your Fingertips”

 April 27 Organ “Crawl” to tracker or mechanical action organs in Northfield, United Methodist Church and St. John’s Lutheran Church, with demonstrations, Q & A

 May 4 Organ “Crawl” in Northfield to large instruments, Skinner Chapel at Carleton College and Boe Chapel at St. Olaf College

 May 11 “Pipedreams” live with Richard at his house– presentation at our home at 15 Fareway Drive with recorded examples of the great variety of organ music, a “sonic feast” with treats. (OK, I’m not Michael Barone but I am less expensive!)

Meanwhile, students will be urged to listen to organ music in its infinite variety each Sunday morning with Michael Barone on PIPEDREAMS, beginning 6 am on MPR, 99.5 KSJN FM, also online 24/7 as www.pipedreams.org.