Further information on Spring 2020 courses

Barbara Evans: Just Wright


Course text

The text, Death in a Prairie House: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Murders by William R Drennan, will be available at Content Books and online for about $25.

Schedule of classes (subject to modification)

Session #1: Foundations: Part I

Childhood and Froebel Kindergarten system
Early Influences/ Arts and Crafts
The young designer/ Oak Park Home

Session #2: Foundations: Part 2
Marriage and Family/ Oak Park Studio
Early career, mentors and influences
Larkin Building (lost) and Unity Temple

Session #3: A new American Architecture (1909-1913)
Robie House and Prairie School
Mason City: Stockman House, Park Inn
Little House (Wayzata)
Midway Gardens (lost) and the Fire and Murders at Taliesin

Session #4: Death in a Prairie House book discussion (1912-1934)
Re-building and the American System-built homes
Rebound marriage and Japan Imperial Hotel
California homes: Hollyhock House
Marriage and Fellowship formation

Session #5: 1935-1939: American resurgence/ Fellowship
Falling Water
Racine: Johnson Wax buildings and Wingspread

Session #6: 1939-1940: Usonia and the American home
Taliesin West
Magazine homes: Schwartz home in Two Rivers

Session #7: 1943-1956 late career designs
Cedar Rock
Kentuck Knob

Session #8: 1956-59 Lasting legacy—Broad Acre City and posthumous builds
Cloquet gas station/ Prefabs
Armchair tours/ Show and Tell
Buildings built since Wright’s death
Taliesin Fellowship and local architects influenced by Wright