Further information on Spring 2020 Courses

Karen Gervais: The Basis of Bioethics

Course text

Main Text: Veatch and Guidry-Grimes, The Basics of Bioethics, Edition 4 (2019), copies of which will be available at Content Books.

Schedule (subject to modification)

March 25
Veatch: chapter 1 and chapter 4
Email or handout: Rules of Thumb

April 1
Veatch: chapter 5 (pages 80, 88-97)
Email or Handout: Arras article demonstrating casuistry
Veatch: chapter 2
Veatch: chapter 7
Email or handout: “Please Don’t Tell”

April 8
Readings: moral standing and defining death
Veatch: chapter 3, pp. 37-51
Gervais, Redefining Death (free out of print book, to be handed out in session 1)
Email or handout: organ procurement, stretching the dead donor rule

April 15
Readings: benefit/harm
Veatch: chapter 6
Email or handout: Mrs Her case, Gervais commentary (From Healing by Heart: Clinical and Ethical Case Stories of Hmong Families and Western Providers, Culhane-Pera, Vawter et al)

April 22
Readings: avoiding killing
Veatch:  chapter 8 
Email or handout: tba

April 29
Readings: death and dying decisions for pts lacking capacity
Veatch: chapter 9
Email or handout: homeless patient ethics consult report

May 6
Readings: abortion, stem cells, genetics, reproduction
Veatch: pp. 51-56, chapter 10, chapter 11
Email or handout: tba

May 13:
Readings: Social Ethics of Medicine
Veatch: chapter 12
Email or handout: tba