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Randall Ferguson: Music of Early Minnesota


Schedule of classes (subject to modification)

Online assigned readings on each topic will be included on the class syllabus.

I. Native American Music

Role of Music in Native Life

  1. The Drum
  2. The Courting Flute

Musicologist Francis Densmore

  1. Songs of the Lakota
  2. Songs of the Anishinabe

II. Songs of the French Canadian Voyageurs

  1. Fur Trade in Minnesota & The Voyageurs
  2. Songs of the Voyageurs, (listing just a few)
  3. A la Claire Fontaine
  4. C’est l’aviron
  5. En Roulant Ma Boule

III. Music at Fort Snelling

  1. Military Music
  2. Fife and Drum
  3. Music of the Soldiers
  4. Songs of the Soldiers
  5. Jaw Harp, Spoons, and Tin Whistle

IV. 19th Century Parlor Songs of Minnesota

  1. The Piano Forte in the Minnesota Territory
  2. Songs of Minnesota, (listing just a few)
  3. Laughing Waters’ Polka
  4. The Falls of Minnehaha
  5. Spiral Bridge Waltz
  6. Red Wing
  7. St. Paul Waltz
  8. Carnival in Old St. Paul
  9. Great Minnesota State Fair
  10. Red Wing

V. Songs of Immigration and Emigration

  1. Scandinavian Songs in the New World
  2. German Songs of Immigration

VI. The Hutchinson Family Singers

  1. Traveling Family Troupes
  2. The Hutchinson Family Singers
  3. Founders of Hutchinson, MN
  4. Songs of Abolition
  5. Songs of Temperance

VII. History of the Minneapolis Symphony

A .Directors

  1. Emil Oberhoffer (1903-1922)
  2. Henri VerBrugghen (1922-1931)
  3. Eugene Ormandy (1931-1936)
  4. Dimitri Mitropoulos (1937-1949)
  5. Antal Dorati (1949-1960)

Renamed Minnesota Orchestra, 1968

  1. Stanislaw Skrowaczewski (1960-1979)
  2. Neville Marriner (1979-1986)
  3. Edo de Waart (1986-1995)
  4. Eiji Owe (1995-2002)
  5. Osmo  Vänskä (2003-2022)

VIII. The Schubert Club

  1. 1882 The Ladies Musicale
  2. Earliest recital-presenting organization
  3. Schubert Club Museum
  4. Landmark Center, St. Paul