Further information on Winter 2020 courses


Arthur Higinbotham: Climate Change–History, Causes, and Consequences


Expanded description:


Course text

Course readings will be assigned at each session from Maslin, Climate Change, which will be available at Content Bookstore for about $11.95 and possibly cheaper via online sources.

Numerous handouts (to be returned at end of course) will be distributed at each session.


Schedule of classes (subject to modification)

Week 1:  Introductions and Course Mechanics
                 Summary of Climate Change Issues, Guest Speaker, Alan Anderson
                 History of Climate Change
Week 2:  Terrestrial Causes of Climate Change
Week 3:  Evidence of Climate Change
Week 4:  Extraterrestrial Causes of Climate Change (Milanovitch Theory)
Week 5:   Sociological Impacts of Climate Change, Guest Speaker, Professor Mae Davenport
Week 6:  Consequences of Climate Change
                (Ocean acidification; species extinction or adaptation)
Week 7:  Consequences of Climate Change
                (Permafrost melting; sea level rise)
Week 8: Brainstorming Potential Remedies
                Course Wrap-up