Job Description:
Registration & Finance Director

We are seeking a person to manage our course registration process and our financial affairs. This is a part-time paid staff position that would be suitable for someone with some accounting/bookkeeping background, computer skills, and administrative abilities. This person would operate independently at home, following procedures currently in place, with self-scheduled hours constrained mainly by our calendar and certain externally imposed deadlines. We imagine that he or she might be a retired college administrative assistant, a stay-at-home parent with free time while children are at school, or anyone else with time on their hands and the requisite background; a previous connection with the Elder Collegium is not necessary.

Registration duties during each of our three academic terms include:

  • Processing of course registrations
  • Distributing class lists to students and instructors
  • Reporting to the Board on registrations
  • Processing on-line course evaluations

Financial duties include:

  • Recording and depositing course fee checks
  • Processing other income and expenses, including instructors’ honoraria, staff salaries, and gifts
  • Submitting required reports to IRS and MN
  • Presenting periodic financial reports to the Board
  • Reconciling bank and investment accounts
  • Attending occasional Finance Committee meetings

Other general duties include:

  • Managing our database of students, instructors, and donors
  • Attending 8 monthly Board meetings

Computer skills should include experience with:

  • Word processor (e.g., MS Word)
  • Spreadsheet (e.g., MS Excel)
  • Database (we use Filemaker Pro)
  • Financial software (we use QuickBooks)
  • The applicant should own a computer (PC or Mac) and a printer.

Time commitments: These are lumpy. They are greatest during the course registration periods (generally a month each beginning the 1st week of August, the 3rd week of November, and the 3rd week of February), perhaps up to 4 hrs/day. At other times they tend to be fewer.

To explore further, we invite you to contact any of the following:

Carol Rutz, Executive Director
(507) 645-7316

Perry Mason, Curriculum Director
(507) 645-9251

Dan Van Tassel, Board Chair
(507) 301-3747