Further information: Andrea Een: “Only Connect”—Two Novels by E.M. Forster and Their Film Versions

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Texts and films:

Texts:  Howard’s End (1910)    Penguin Classics $14.00

Passage to India  (1924)   Vintage Classics  $10.00

Films (both available on Amazon Prime for $3.99 and from Inter-library loan, Kanopy (through public library), and Netflix): 

Howard’s End (1992)  Merchant Ivory Productions

Passage to India (1984) directed by David Lean

Suggested reading (not required): Wendy Moffat, A Great Unrecorded History: A New Life of E.M. Forster (Picador, 2010)


WEEK ONE: Introduction to Forster and Edwardian England

Howard’s End, chapters 1-12

WEEK TWO: Howard’s End, chapters 13-24

WEEK THREE: Howard’s End, chapters 25-44

WEEK FOUR:  Film version of Howard’s End

Compare novel to screenplay considering period details, casting, themes of novel, and cinematography

WEEK FIVE: Forster’s trips to India

Passage to India, CHAPTERS 1-11, Part One: Mosque

WEEK SIX: Passage to India, Chapters 12-22, Part Two: Caves (beginning)

WEEK SEVEN: Passage to India, Part Two: Caves (FINISHING) and Part Three: Temple

WEEK EIGHT: Film version of Passage to India

Compare novel to screenplay, considering cast, period and cultural details of colonial Brits, Hindus, and Muslims, cinematography, and themes of novel