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Texts:  The Republic is available in many different translations and editions.  Our discussions will be best facilitated, however, if we all have in hand the same edition.  With that in mind, participants are asked to secure a copy of Plato, Republic, translated by G.M.A. Grube and edited by C.D.C. Reeve (Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Co., second edition, 1992; ISBN 978-0-87220-136-1).  This edition is available online for less than $13 new and even less than that used. (A new edition is about to appear, but it will be considerably more expensive than the 1992 second edition.)

Discussion guides and mini-lectures will be distributed by email.

Schedule of readings and discussions:

 Jan.  8              Plato’s place in ancient Greek history and an overview of pre-Platonic Greek philosophy; introduction to 

                            Republic: the primary question

                                     Introduction in Grube & Reeve (pp. viii-xviii)

                                    Republic, Bk. I (pp. 1-31)

Jan. 15             The primary question again; persons and cities; particulars and universals

                                     Two Outlines of the Republic (hand-out)

                                    Republic, Bks.II-III (pp. 32-93)

Jan. 22            Rulers should be philosophers?  Why?  What is philosophy anyway?

                                    Republic, Bk.IV (pp. 94-121)

Jan. 29            What is knowledge?  What are its objects?  The Divided Line I

                                    Republic, Bk.V (pp. 122-56)

Feb. 5              The Divided Line II: knowledge vs. belief; what is, what is not, what is and is not

                                    Republic, Bk.VI (pp. 157-85)

Feb. 12            The Divided Line III

                                    Republic, Bk.VI continued (pp. 157-85)

Feb. 19            The Cave Analogy and proper education as being led from opinion & appearance to knowledge & reality

                                    Republic, Bk.VII (pp. 186-212)

Feb. 26            Philosophy vs. art; rhetoric vs. emotion

                                    Republic, Bk.X (pp. 264-92)